Sunday, March 14, 2010

Original games…How much is it better than pirated???

Lately I’ve been addicted to a game called Counterstrike Source which is for PC . Its not a new game. I myself had played it for nearly a year now. CSS is a first person shooter(fps).Graphics is not that amazing, just decent, but gameplay is the best I’ve seen. Its so life-like. Not the graphics, but the way the guns recoils when you shoot them, how different guns have different pros and cons, how your aim significantly improves just by being in a crouch position as in real life and much more. But the thing that gets you addicted is the online experience which is so much fun. I don’t know how many nights I haven’t had a wink and how much class I had bunk because of it. Now lets get to our original better?

Pirated Version:
Pirated version of CSS is basically the same as original, only without the Steam. You can get it either from online using torrent or from the pirated vendor for 50 bucks . Both includes the latest update.
Ready to be played as soon as the installation is finished . One thing, Garena is needed but its also free.
Lots of non-steam servers to play from except that there is no Indian server which means that my ping(measure of round trip time for a message to get from one’s computer to the server and back again, measured in milliseconds) is always more than 200. More or less, its okay for me.Servers in China, Indonesia, Russia , etc , are good and you will always find a server to play from at any time of the day.

Original version:

Paid 600 bucks for it. Went home with a wide grin(really).
Installed it as soon as I reached home. Met my first disappointment. You can install it only in the main drive(i.e. C:\)even though there is an option to choose other location. Then the steam client installs. After that it updates itself for around 1 hour(OK). My net speed is 768kbps and I am able to download at 90kbps.Since its my first time using this software, installing the game was quit difficult without any help, steps was quite complex for a newbie. Finally able to install the game after 15 mins of tinkering around. Then I tried to play the game, the game updates again…wtf!!!!!!!! Then I wait yet again. When I see the progress bar after maybe an hour I got this
This nearly makes me puke. The game update file is more than 1GB. They could have easily included it in the game…big waste of bandwidth…
Finally download completes . Started the game .Played in Indian servers . Ping around 80 and at most, its around 120 and yeah they are good.

Is the original game worth the money and the hour needed for download before its ready to be played???
Or is it easier to get a pirated one for 50 bucks which includes all the updates and still enjoy the same experience???

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I have the idea of starting a blog for quite sometime now. But the idea of me writing always make me think twice because writing is not always my strongest point especially in a language other than my mother tongue. Since I am quite shy, the idea of someone reading my post and laughing hysterically at my writing always makes me uncomfortable(see I say I’m shy:)). But since we humans are always going forward and we should deal with all our fears in order to succeed in life, however small or strange they might be I’ve made up my mind to maintain a blog and update it at least once a week(what kind of phobia is that).

I have read a lot of blogs and I envy them for their creativity and their command of the language….makes me fell bad for myself since I didn’t want to practice much during my school days and now it is really hard to improve.So I’ll try to write my post in English as long as possible so that I might have some improvement.

My blog does not focus on anything in particular but everything that makes me wonder and think. I know most of you readers will be bored by now, so anyway thanks for reading my intro(thring lo mo)and hope u will visit again to read my next blog which will be coming shortly.